Sunday, September 30, 2007

New World Order = One World Fascist Dictatorship

Hat Tip to Brits4RonPaul who wrote:

Let's get something straight. The reason people like Ron Paul and people like me don't want a "New World Order", is because it is IMPOSSIBLE, for a one world government to be anything but a fascist dictatorship. The power elite know this and they know that people would say no to it, if it was openly declared as such.

Even the smaller building blocks towards this NWO such as the European Union and North American Union, can not possibly be anything but a dictatorship. Democracy only works on a very small level. The founding fathers of the USA knew this, which is how the constitution came about.

Now maybe, just maybe if that same constitution was applied to the world, then it could work. That isn't what is on offer here though. Instead we have a clearly socialist plan to control and regulate every ones lives, right down the the most granular level.

Anything that has been build on deceit and lies, just as the NWO/EU/NAU/UN and all the other organisations that see to control our lives, will surely lead to the most corrupt government of all time. Will people learn from history? Will they look at how these fake empires (as the president of the EU likes to think of it as) have failed time and time again.

Let us stop the foolishness now. We the people do not want a power elite controlling our every move, keeping us in relative poverty while they live the life of Gods. They truly believe they are special and more deserving than the rest of us and are hell bent on making sure that happens.

Just look at what your political masters award themselves and ask the question, are your best interests their primary concern?

Of course they aren't. They have been corrupted by power and greed, just has always been the way. The only solution is to restrict size of government. Make sure it never has too much power and only does what it supposed to do. A network of smaller, free trading democracies around the world has much more chance of keeping a stable, free world, than some fake merged one world dictatorship. It's time we the people started to take our liberty BACK and end this game if deceit by the power elites now.

And if you still think this is a conspiracy theory, rather than a fact, then I have to ask what planet you are living on.

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