Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Letter We Can Write To The Mayor Of Ashville, NC

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Two American citizens were assaulted and arrested on private property by an officer of the law for displaying an American flag in protest of the war and the state of the country. Witness and police accounts disagree on the actions taken during the incident.

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Can't you spend 2 minutes and $0.41 for a stamp? Just use my letter.

City of Asheville: Mayor
70 Court Plz
Asheville, NC 28801

Dear Mayor Bellamy,

I am writing regarding a recent situation in West Asheville that I read about which I believe was very poorly handled by the police.

The situation of which I am talking is written about in this article:

Police invaded two citizens' (Mark and Deborah Kuhn) home by breaking through glass inside a door, proceeded to assault Mark and Deborah Kuhn, and threatened to taser them. This all occurred because of a complaint about a flag hanging upside-down outside their house that had several political statements pinned to it.

I am shocked and appalled by how this situation was handled. The police had no right to try to arrest these citizens and break into their house; they had broken no law as far as I know.

You may think that the easy way to remedy this poorly-handled situation is to simply reprimand or lay off (temporarily or permanently) the officers involved in this case.

But I think the problem could run much deeper than just these two officers in this one case. The manner in which this situation was handled strongly suggests a complete disrespect of citizens' rights, freedoms, and privacy by your law enforcement branch.

I would like to request that you carefully reevaluate your training programs for the law enforcement branch in your city, ensuring that you are cover items of this manner so that poorly-handled cases like this one do not happen in the future.

Thank you,

Your name

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