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It's going to be not only the longest but also the most original campaign in the history of the United States. Mainly because of the candidates for the White House which have discovered a new way of getting to their electorate. Instead of TV - they post their spots on the Internet. About the effects of the fully multimedia and interactive campaign - Piotr Kraśko.

It's not the beginning of a carnival but the longest presidential campaign in the history of the United States and perhaps it is the first time that the Americans will vote one way not the other because of the things they will have found on the Internet.

0:45 In this debate, those who were asking the questions were not the journalists anymore, but the voters through the Internet. "Soon the journalists will not be needed. The voters will ask the candidates about everything themselves, on the Internet."

0:55 It turns out that the Americans have the same doubts about their politicians as the voters in other parts of the world. "During the election everybody promises a lot and when they rise to power they don't realize anything from it because they explain that someone prevents them from doing it. Why should we believe anyone of you that you'd be different?"

1:11 That is the question that the Internauts have considered the most interesting. "How will you explain the fact that 80% of the Californians have elected Arnold Schwarzenneger Governor because they'd believed that he - being a cyborg - would save them from a nuclear extermination?"

1:28 This is exactly how, since 200 years, all the presidential campaigns in America have been looking like. Perhaps this is one of the latest in which rallies like this one actually matter - and every next will take place not on the streets, not on TV - but on the Internet.

But for the candidates it may mean a lot of trouble since nothing is more popular on the Internet than videos which humiliate (ridicule) and discredit the candidates.

1:51 The most popular on the Internet is a video in which John Edwards - one of Democratic Party's candidates - for three minutes combs his hair before an interview. The majority of the internauts came to the conclusion that he more likely fits for a model (female model) than a president.

2:04 The most active supporters - on the streets as well as on the Web - has Barack Obama.

2:18 This is a video clip full of adoration for him which has been recorded by one of his admirers.

2:28 This is one of the oddest spots. This candidate has stood motionless for three minutes and merely looked into the camera. It was so weird that it became one of the most willingly watched spots on the Internet.

2:40 Enthusiastic voters will probably always dance on the streets but the influence that these demonstrations will have on the results of the elections is going to be lesser and lesser. The Americans are beginning to believe that you are not a proper voter - unless you
are a proper internaut... Piotr Kraśko, the News, South Carolina.

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